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“I was going through a very difficult time in my life when someone introduced me to Sylvia. Now, after just a few sessions, I feel like an entirely different person.

Sylvia is such a beautiful and gifted person.  Her style of coaching allows you to be in control and grow at your own pace.  She never pushes her opinion on you or tells you what to do, rather she gently sides you towards reaching your goals.  I can’t recommend these coaching sessions enough.”


"Sylvia Price has been my Life Coach for a number of years.
In describing Sylvia I can only say she is a great listener, very wise, and truly tries to get to know you as a person.
Her love for people is very evident on how she serves others. Sylvia had helped me in many different circumstances and areas of my life. As I get to know her better each day she has a judgement free approach
wherever I am in my journey of life and will always bring me back to challenging myself toward areas of needed expansion and growth.
I at times have been hesitant to let others into my personal life, but meeting Sylvia has been truly remarkable.
When she speaks she brings a calming effect on others and myself.
Thank you Sylvia, for all you do for me.”


It is my pleasure to acknowledge Sylvia as an effective and inspiring Life Coach. She has made a significant difference in my life. Her knowledge and understanding of truth is her strength. The way in which she listens and communicates works like a charm. The interest she shows in a persons' life comes from the heart, she genuinely want to help others lead a fulfilled and purposeful life. I have also attended many of her group coaching sessions and found she definitely is well prepared on whatever subject she presents. Myself as well as others gravitate to her as soon as she speaks. If anyone has any discernment they quickly realize that she is a special person and want her professional services to, through co-active coaching, bring purpose and fulfillment into their lives. There is no doubt she will make a superb difference in anyone's life. After every session I feel as though a heavy burden has been  lifted off my shoulders and I am inspired to take action and move forward towards my life goals.


"I enjoy each and every session with Sylvia. She truly has an inner gift for coaching and leading.  I have found great comfort in the fact that she always listens, without casting judgment.  But at the same time, offers perspective and insight to the situation.  She has motivated me throughout, especially through scripture.  Her enthusiasm to help me and others make it obvious that she enjoys and is well suited for being a life coach.”


“Where do I begin to express the amount of help, insight , direction, movement and motivation that I have experienced with Sylvia Price as my Coach..  As I write this, please note that I don't even know if my words will capture the true essence of the inspiration and hope I receive in our coaching sessions..

She is gifted and incredibly encouraging in my journey in life . In every coaching sessions I relay actions and wins from the previous week and then tell her what I would like to be coached on. Sylvia will intently  listen and communicate back to me what I really meant to say. She is a good listener  and  never forgets what we discussed in past sessions which creates in me a sense of trust and acceptance. Even in moments of silence she senses what is not being said and  shares her observations which are right on target.

Here is a recap of the value Sylvia's coaching has brought to me:

A goal of being able to express myself in writing,    

Unravels inner feelings that then become thoughts of revelation,dig's deep with questions to reveal the answers that I seek..

Devoted, Constant and Discerning, motivating. 

Gentle, loving, In touch &

on target!


In the past I have worked with a counselor/therapist and have found my Life Coach Sylvia a nice refreshing change from all the scientific, clinical, study-based counseling. While my life coach may not be well versed in “this study or that experiment or finding”, she is very well versed in “life”. She has the amazing gift of caring for people.. She is quite keen at personality observation and I believe this is apparent because she truly listens to others. She is genuinely interested; therefore, she is keenly observant. She speaks wisdom from real life experiences and speaks to the heart of any situation we may be discussing at the time. She is encouraging and empowering. Whenever I meet with her, I don’t feel rushed that our time is about to run out. She makes time for me and shows genuine care and compassion. There is never any pressure to “do” anything. We talk, she earnestly listens, and then, with permission, shares her insights which always have an immediate soothing and motivating  affect on me and as I think of her words throughout my week, I realize that they have a long lasting challenging  impact, moving me forward to reaching my desired goals. With Sylvia, I feel as though I am talking to a loving friend who is speaking from experience and one who knows how to find and impart comfort and courage to move through blocks and challenges. She inspires me to extend my borders and suggests practical actions  to successfully do this thing called "life"


“I was not familiar with Life Coaching but I knew I had to do something different to move toward my desired goals. A friend recommended Sylvia, and I am so grateful. She has been patient, informative and completely supportive. At the conclusion of every session I know I am moving in the right direction. I am confident to freely discuss anything going on in my life. I never feel judged or criticized, which means a lot to me. Sylvia helped me realize  how much I have accomplished and the challenges I have overcome. After every session I always feel more inspired  and motivated to pursue my passion, mission and purpose in my life. Thanks Sylvia!"