My Coaching Story


My goal is to encourage others to thrive, to be more courageous & adventurous in finding their passion, potential & purpose.  My training as a Life Coach and a successful business owner has given me a deep understanding of how we can get stuck in negative patterns & settle for unfulfilled lives of mediocrity because we are disconnected from the full expression of our talents. Co-active coaching & it's action-oriented focus on creating  results, rather than dwelling on past issues, is a strong motivator. My over riding goal is to utilize my experience to help my clients uncover their own passion and purpose by tapping into their creativity moving forward by building a prosperous life. With this goal in mind I became a Certified Professional Life  Coach  . Graduated from a top ICF accredited coach training institute and, because of this, you get proven coaching techniques that have helped thousands of people identify & overcome what is holding them back from achieving their desired goals. ICF is an organization that sets rigorous standards for excellence in professional coaching worldwide..